Why Choose eBrace

For Patients
eBrace customized lingual bracket is a true invisible appliance because it is stuck to the inner side of the teeth, thus difficult to be seen. Patients will be free from the embarrassing feelings possibly caused by the traditional dental braces and from the impact of the dental braces on your image.

The eBrace lingual bracket is tailored in accordance with the actual oral conditions of the patients. In this way, the patients will feel comfortable during straightening. At the same time, the treatment effects are improved and the treatment time is greatly shortened. While reveling in the secret transformation of their smile, patients will notice how their teeth are changing when they look in the mirror.

For Orthodontist
eBrace enables the orthodontists to design each orthopedic scheme to meet various treatment goals of different cases. The standardized bracket assembly including base, bracket body and hook can be independently positioned. Even in the cases of clinical rotated teeth and short clinical crown, the enamel can be put into full use.

With the assistance of the transfer tray, the bracket can be bonded all at once, thus boosting the clinical bonding efficiency. Owing to the excellent performances, the bracket will be your ideal choice. In addition, the advanced CAD or CAM and the precise arc wire bending technology simplify the clinical lingual orthodontic operation.

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