Lingual Bracket System Manufacturer

Riton Biomaterial Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer that specializes in the development, production, and marketing of orthodontic biomaterials and other related medical equipment. Our target market is constantly expanding, due to the increasing popularity of invisible lingual orthodontic technology. We offer the customized lingual bracket system in specifications such as eBrace Visual and eBrace second generation. The eLock customized self-ligating lingual bracket system is also available.

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    1. eBrace Customized Lingual Bracket System (eBrace III)
    2. eBrace Customized Lingual Bracket System (eBrace III)

      The slot has a key role to play in tooth movement. It is where the archwire passes through. Because patients’ teeth are not straight, they need to be turned and tilted to align with each other. The slot determines tip and torque.
      As the wire completely fills the slot over time, the tooth is moved to the straight position.

    1. eBrace Visual Customized Lingual Bracket System
    2. eBrace Visual Customized Lingual Bracket System

      eBrace Visual customized lingual bracket system is specially designed for anterior teeth alignment. It is used to correct minor to moderate crowding or spacing cases. This product can be optionally fabricated from nichrome, gold alloy or cobalt-chromium alloy. It has well satisfied the patients' requirements for simple, highly efficient as well as rapid correction.

    1. eLock Customized Self-Ligating Lingual Bracket System (eLock II)
    2. eLock Customized Self-Ligating Lingual Bracket System (eLock II)

      Customized bracket and mesh pad of the eLock customized self ligating lingual bracket system are designed with the CAD-CAM technology. They closely fit every tooth.
      Bracket body and mesh pad are molded in one piece instead of welding.
      The bracket cover can be simply opened with a probe ...


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  • FAQs
  • The treatment time is dependent on different patients. Determined by the comprehensive and individualized treatment plan, it generally takes 6 months to 24 months. Since the brace is inconspicuous, there is no need for you to delay the treatment...More
  • Customized Lingual Orthodontic Treatment Service
  • Based on the consultation, the orthodontic doctor authorized by the eBrace will make a tentative diagnosis of your teeth. After your teeth are thoroughly examined and detailed communication is made, your doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment strategy in line with the specific needs and desires of the individual. After being removed from the teeth, the mould will be delivered to the design center. >> Read More