eBrace Took Part in 16th China International Dental Equipment Exhibition

On June 9th to12th, 2011, the 16th China International Dental Equipment Exhibition, also the technique symposium, was conducted in Beijing National Convention Center.

Riton Biomaterial attended this exhibition with the booth number being N46. We primarily aimed to introduce and popularize the customized lingual orthodontic system independently developed by our company to both domestic and international customers. Meanwhile, we introduced the sixth and seventh training classes of eBrace lingual bracket system to domestic orthodontists in Shenyang and Qingdao, respectively.

Many domestically famous oral orthodontic experts visited our stand for a full understanding of product characteristics as well as clinical application situations. In addition to domestic orthodontists, our eBrace lingual bracket system also attracted many overseas orthodontists and dealers from Israel, Iran, India, Siberia, etc. During the exhibition, our foreign affiliated experts came to our stand to give instructions and have technical discussions.

On the morning of June 10th, 2011, the 16th Academic Seminar of China International Oral Exhibition, the technique symposium of eBrace lingual bracket system, was held in the room 306B of the third floor of the National Convention Center.

The Prof. Lin Jiuxiang and Liang Wei, as the main speakers, focused on the introduction of the development history and clinical applications of customized lingual bracket system. This seminar attracted experienced oral orthodontists all over the country to discuss the technology and applications of lingual orthodontics. It lasted for 2 hours and the number of participants was over one hundred. The seminar was a bright spot for the oral exhibition.

Our customized lingual orthodontic system has overcome the shortcomings of conventional lingual appliances and adopted the computerized technology. It is an ideal choice for customers owing to the characteristics of invisibility, comfort, high efficiency, fast speed, convenient clinical operation, optimum correction quality as well as excellent straightening effects. This product will exert no influence on patients' daily life.

Israeli affiliated expert was visiting our exhibition stand and offering corresponding guidance.
Domestic orthodontists were consulting relevant product information.

Siberian dealer was discussing matters with our employees.

eBrace employees were introducing products to the Indian customer.
Registration Site of Seminar
Prof. Lin Jiuxiang was delivering a speech.

Dr. Liang Wei was giving a lesson.
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