FAQs from Patients

1. How long does lingual orthodontic treatment last?
The treatment time is dependent on different patients. Determined by the comprehensive and individualized treatment plan, it generally takes 6 months to 24 months. Since the brace is inconspicuous, there is no need for you to delay the treatment for an important event. Your life will go on as usual.

2. How do the braces feel?
The lingual braces, just the same as the normal braces, may bring you discomfort for about 7 days. During this period, you can take pain killers or place wax over the brackets to protect your tongue so as to minimize the discomfort.

3. Will my speech be influenced by the lingual orthodontic treatment?
Most people are indeed exposed to the temporary change in their speech but this problem will be generally improved after a period of adaptation. The new bracket used in the lingual orthodontic treatment has the ability to minimize this problem.

4. Can I clean my teeth?
Yes. Actually, more time should be spent in maintaining your teeth clean than ever before. It is essential to keep a good standard of oral hygiene.

5. What can I eat when wearing braces?
Some foods that are difficult to eat should not be avoided. Foods, such as popcorn, nuts, chewing gums, crusty bread and so on, may damage your braces. At the initial stage of treatment, patients will find that they possibly don't want to have anything too crunchy but the soups and smoothies may seem extremely attractive. Stringy things, like lettuce and spinach, can get caught in braces, though some patients have no problem.

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