Manufacture of eBrace

eBrace lingual bracket system is custom made. The precise brackets and arch wires are respectively made by the advanced rapid prototyping machine and mechanical arm. Each set of appliance packed in the box is directly delivered to one doctor or specified patient. The brackets can be bonded at one time with the help of the transfer tray. Every aspect of the treatment has been considered during the design and manufacturing processes. Meanwhile, patients can even foresee the result before the treatment.

1. Impression Taking and Tooth Set-up
Clinically, the double-layer silicone impression is first taken. The casts produced from this impression are used to prepare an individualized ideal setup. Moreover, the setup can be made in either manual or computer digitalized way.

2. Design and Manufacture of Customized Bracket
The customized bracket is designed with CAD and CAM softwares. The particular mesh pad of eBrace greatly enhances the bonding power. What's more, when falling off, the bracket can also be easily re-bonded by the clinician. The clinicians are able to select bracket body of different shapes in line with their habits and hobbies, such as vertical or horizontal slot, different wings, hooks of various shapes, and so on.

3. Customized Lingual Arch Wire Bending Service
The customized arch wire is also designed with CAD and CAM softwares. Clinicians also can custom make arch wire according to their habits and hobbies if needed.

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