eBrace Health Benefits
Firmer Teeth
The irregularity of teeth leads to the uneven occlusal force, making teeth worn, as well as loosened and fallen off untimely. Fortunately, the orthodontic treatment will make the arrangement of teeth and occluding relation among teeth in normal conditions, thus guaranteeing firmer teeth.
Healthier Gum
After the orthodontic treatment, teeth are arranged in an appropriate order, which is good for convenient cleaning and prevention of decayed teeth as well as periodontal disease.
More Convenient Chewing
Teeth are in a proper order and gum is healthy. Accordingly, people, having an orthodontic treatment, will chew foods in a more convenient way.
Clearer Word Pronunciation
The orthodontic treatment can correct the inarticulacy caused by the improper relationship among teeth or between the teeth and jaw. Therefore, patients will have much more free speech.
Better Facial Form
Through the clinical verification by many experts, from the perspective of aesthetics, the orthodontic treatment can not only improve the arrangement and occlusion of teeth, but also naturally change the facial profile by means of adjusting the positions of teeth, lip as well as the jaw bone. The patients will secretly have a better facial profile while experiencing no surgery.
More Success in Workplace
The orderly teeth and bright smile are able to bridge the gap between you and your friends, collogues as well as customers to a certain extent. Accordingly, you can do things with higher efficiency.
More Confidence During Treatment
Using no steel hoop, you can enjoy the unexpected effects during treatment because the appliance is installed behind the teeth.

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