Clinical Features

1. Customized Bracket Base
eBrace lingual bracket is tailored for each patient with its base manufactured using the state-of-the-art CAD or CAM technology. One eBrace customized lingual bracket can only be used in corresponding teeth position. This truly realizes the customization of the appliance.

2. Better Tensile Bond Strength of Bracket
The mesh pad of the eBrace customized lingual bracket base is specially treated, which remarkably improves the tensile bond strength of the bracket. Even falling off, the bracket can be reused only by simple treatment of the base.

3. Indirect Bonding Technique
The transfer tray is manufactured via the CAD, as well as used for indirect bonding and positioning of the eBrace customized lingual bracket. The transfer tray used for indirect bonding is available in two kinds with one being for the whole dental arch and the other being for a single tooth.

The former can transfer the bracket on the initial model into the patients' mouths once only. When this method is used, the bracket only needs to be fixed into the tray, and then is transferred into the mouth with the tray. This improves the clinical bracket bonding efficiency. Having the same application method as the former, the latter is mainly employed for the subsequent bonding of the crowded teeth. What's more, either the light-cured composite resin or the chemical curing material characterized by shorter curing time is adopted for indirect bonding purpose.

4. Better Positioning of Bracket
The employment of the CAD and CAM technologies integrate both the manufacture and positioning of the eBrace customized lingual bracket. These two steps are originally isolated from each other. Therefore, there is no need for the orthodontist to do the tedious work in positioning the lingual bracket. The workload of the orthodontist has been greatly reduced.

The base of the eBrace customized lingual bracket matches with the corresponding position. Thus, the bracket can only be positioned in a specified position. Namely, the bracket can be only bonded to the dental face to the maximum extent while free from tilting, when placed at the correct bonding position. Having an accurate bonding position, the bracket will have an obviously improved positioning ability when being rebonded. At the same time, the difficulty in rebonding has been strikingly reduced.

5. Similar to Straight Arch Wire Orthodontic Technology
With the premade angle, the eBrace customized lingual bracket can be precisely premade with the second and third order bends. The slots of the bracket are on the same plane. Since the bracket has the similar orthodontic technology with the straight arch wire, during orthodontic treatment, there is no need to make the complicated bends on the arch wire. Thus, the working efficiency is effectively improved and the possibility to change arch wire is greatly reduced.

6. Horizontal and Vertical Slots
The eBrace customized lingual bracket used for anterior teeth is recommended to be designed with vertical slots for convenient torque control when the anterior teeth is adjusted inwards. On the other side, we can also devise the bracket with horizontal slots for anterior teeth according to the actual requirements of doctors in regulating torque.

The eBrace customized lingual bracket used for molars adopts the horizontal slots, which is conductive to the reduction of friction force generated when the sliding mechanism is employed to inwardly adjust the anterior teeth and to close the dental extraction space.

7. Smooth Slot Wall for Less Friction Force
The slot wall of the eBrace customized lingual bracket has very low roughness. This is beneficial for cutting down the friction force created among bracket, arch wires and ligated parts when the teeth are moving. For this reason, the orthodontic force can be smoothly delivered to the teeth. This activates the periodontium, making teeth move with high efficiency.

8. Simplified Bending of Orthodontic Arch Wire
The eBrace customized lingual bracket can be made with a series of personalized arches in accordance with the setup model of the orthodontic patient. The orthodontists can also make corresponding arches with the arch wires being in line with the actual use.

9. Higher Clinical Operation Efficiency
Because the bonding strength of the eBrace customized lingual bracket is improved, there is less possibility for the bracket to fall off, thus shortening the orthodontic time. The bases of bracket and band are fabricated according to the lingual shape of each tooth. As a result, the bracket can be directly bonded to teeth inside the mouth, making the clinical operation greatly simplified and the time spent by the doctor beside the dental chair effectively shortened.

10. Foreseeable Orthodontic Results
The eBrace customized lingual bracket is designed and manufactured in compliance with the setup results achieved under the instruction of the orthodontists, as well as the movement of the orthodontic teeth permitted by the dissection and functional factors in accordance with the orthodontic objectives. The orthodontist is capable of predicting the most possible orthodontic results, which is conductive to the communication between orthodontist and the patient.

11. Reduction of Influence on Tongue Body and Pronunciation
The manufacturing of the eBrace customized lingual bracket is carried out with the CAD and CAM technologies. Thus, the customized bracket and relevant accessories can be flexibly devised in the three-dimensional directions.

This orthodontic appliance has a small volume and its base is bonded to the dental face in a closer way. Accordingly, there is less influence exerted on the tongue body and pronunciation. Meanwhile, even when the bonder is very thick, the risk for the bracket to fall off is greatly reduced. Moreover, with the delicate surface finish, the eBrace customized lingual bracket is more smooth and comfortable.

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