eBrace Participated in 2011 Academic Annual Conference, 4th Member Representative Assembly, of Chinese Stomatological Association

The 2011 academic annual conference of the Chinese Stomatological Association, also the 2011 International Dental Equipment Fair, was co-held by the Chinese Stomatological Association and Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions on September 24th to 26th, 2011, in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Domestic and overseas dentists, representatives of private dental clinics, manufacturers, dealers and processors of dental product, etc. attended the exhibition.

Riton Biomaterial took part in the exhibition activities of this conference with the booth number being AE03. Our main objective was to market our independently developed eBrace customized lingual bracket system to orthodontists in the oral medical field.

The eBrace customized lingual bracket system overcame the disadvantages of traditional lingual appliances. Computerized, it was a perfect solution with the characteristics of aesthetic feeling, comfort, high effectiveness, convenient clinical operation, good correctional quality as well as satisfactory straightening effects.

During the exhibition, orthodontists across the country came to our stand and got relevant knowledge about the features of products as well as clinical application situations. Some doctors expressed their intention to cooperate with our company. On the exhibition, Prof. Lin Jiuxiang and Prof. Wang Dawei visited our stand, and offered corresponding instructions as well as valuable suggestions about popularization of products, as well as future development.

1. Lin Jiuxiang, our chief medical expert and the professor of Peking University School of Stomatology, was visiting our stand and giving relevant instructions.
2. Zheng Lige, the head of Luzhou Medical College, was visiting our stand. 
3. Prof. Wang Dawei from Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Sun yat-sen University and Wu Jinan, the head of eastern branch of People's Hospital of Zhongshan City, came to our stand for negotiation of corresponding matters.
4. eBrace employees were introducing products to doctors and scholars.
5. Our Exhibition Team
6. Panorama of Our Exhibition Stand

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