The 1st World Forum of Lingual Orthodontics

The 1st world forum of lingual orthodontics, also the ninth training class for eBrace lingual technology, was held in Guangzhou on February 7th to 9th, 2012. It was jointly organized by the Riton Biomaterial and the Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to the Guanghua School of Stomatology of the Sun Yat-sen University.

The main objective of this forum was to build a domestic and international academic communication platform and to help participants share experience in customized lingual orthodontics.

Lin Jiuxiang, the former vice president of the Peking University, was the president of the forum and delivered a speech concerning the development of contemporary appliance as well as relevant technologies. Prof. Rafi Romano, the former chairman of the Israeli Orthodontic Association, was specially invited and introduced customized lingual orthodontics as well as the laboratory process.

Some professors, such as Zhao Zhihe, Zhou Yanheng, Ding Yin, Qian Yufen, Lin Xinping, Fang Bing, Lin Wei, Zhu Shengji, etc., gave special reports with regard to development history and tendency of the orthodontic technology, lingual technology theory, application of customized lingual technology, clinical lingual experience, lingual artifice room operation, etc. Dozens of doctors who adopted the eBrace shared the clinical operation skills and application experience. Dr. Liang Hui and Dr. Lei Feifei were responsible for the teaching the practical operation in the hand-on course.

This forum gained great support from Ling Junqi, the president of the Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to the Guanghua School of Stomatology of the Sun Yat-sen University, as well as Wang Dawei and Cai Bin who were the director and deputy director of the orthodontics department, respectively. Orthodontic experts around the world attended the forum. There were more than 350 trainees, 60 of whom took part in the hand-on course.

Experts and trainees thought highly of our product quality as well as service. The trainees actively communicated with the lecturer on site about clinical operation experience and technique of lingual correction, and learned the lingual operation seriously. They were very confident of eBrace lingual orthodontic system and wanted to conduct the lingual correction as quickly as possible.

The forum was highly appraised by both domestic and overseas authoritative experts in the orthodontic field. It was regarded as an important turning point for Chinese lingual orthodontic technology and would have a significant impact on the development history of world lingual orthodontic technology.

Here are some photos of the forum.

Prof. Lin Jiuxiang was giving a lecture on Modern Orthodontics Appliance History and Prediction.
Prof. Zhou Yanheng was elaborating Extraction Treatment of Customized Lingual Technology.
Dr. Zhu Shengji was delivering a lecture on Theory and Clinical Experience of Customized Lingual Orthodontic Technology.
Orthodontic Specialists and Guests in the Forum
Participants were having lectures.
Dr. Liang Wei was teaching in the hand-on course.
Dr. Lei Feifei was teaching in the hand-on course.
Trainees were having the hand-on course.
Group Photo of the Participants of the Forum.
Prof. Zhao Zhihe was delivering a lecture about the Orthodontic Clinic and Basic Progress.
Prof. Rafi Romano was lecturing on Customized Lingual Orthodontics and the Lab Process.
Prof. Ding Yin was introducing Basic Domestic Situation of Lingual Orthodontics.

Prof. Qian Yufen was presenting Lab Technology of Lingual Treatment.
Prof. Fang Bing was giving a lecture on New Progress of Customized Lingual Technology.
Prof. Lin Xinping was introducing Lingual Theory and eBrace Clinical Case.

Prof. Lin Wei was giving a lecture on Key Aspects of Lingual Technology.
General Manager Mr. Huang Weihong was introducing eBrace's New Technology.

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