eBrace Attended the 1st Global Chinese Oral Medical Conference in Xiamen

On December 1st to 4th, 2010, the first global Chinese oral medical conference, also the China International Dental Medicine Conference, was convened in Xiamen, Fujian province. This was another grand occasion after the 2006 Shenzhen World Dental Union Conference.

The conference came with the combination of academic activities, exhibition activities as well as social activities. It was co-held by the Chinese Stomatological Association and Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, as well as co-sponsored by the Fujian Society of Stomatology, CICCST, academic bodies of oral medicine from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan as well as overseas countries, and China Oral Health Foundation.

The Riton Biomaterial was a member of the exhibition activities of this conference with the booth number being J08. We were devoted to introduction of the eBrace customized lingual bracket system to global Chinese customers in the oral medical field.

On the exhibition, our company reached cooperation intention with more than 20 domestic stomatological hospitals and high-end dental clinics including those in Hong Kong, Macao as well as Taiwan. Many well-known stomatological hospitals in Wuhan, Changchun, Hangzhou as well as other cities wanted to co-organize the lingual orthodontic class with our company in the following year.

Specially, eBrace customized lingual bracket system attracted many internationally famous oral orthodontic experts to come to our exhibition stand for a clear knowledge of eBrace product characteristics as well as clinical application situations. These experienced experts highly appraised our products and offered valuable suggestions. On the oral medical conference, the lingual orthodontics, as a new development tendency in the orthodontic field, gained a broad range of consensus. Our superiority in research and production of lingual bracket system gained acceptance.

eBrace customized lingual bracket system is free from the disadvantages of conventional lingual appliances and adopts the computerized technology. It has the features of complete invisibility, comfort, high efficiency, simple and convenient clinical operation, optimum orthodontic quality as well as outstanding correction effects. Furthermore, the product will not influence patients' daily life. This is also the important development tendency of oral orthodontic.

1. Lin Jiuxiang, our chief medical expert and the professor of School of Stomatology of Peking University, was visiting our exhibition stand and offering corresponding guidance.
2. Dr. Zhu Shengji, our senior affiliated expert, as well as Sang Yanhui, the director of second clinic orthodontic division of Peking University, were visiting our exhibition stand.
3. Chen Qifeng, the director of department of stomatology of Ningde Hospital in Fujian province, and the Lu Weihua, the head of the Ganzhou Stomatological Hospital in Jiangxi province, were on a visit to our exhibition stand.
4. Zhang Duanxiang, the director of orthodontic division of Fujian Medical University Affiliated Stomatological Hospital, was visiting our exhibition stand.
5. Lin Li, the deputy director of teeth orthodontic department of Fujian Medical University Union Hospital, was communicating with our employee at our exhibition stand.
6. Somchai Manopatanakul, the assistant professor of School of Dentistry of Thai Mahidol University, was visiting our exhibition stand.
7. Wu Guangzeng, the chief physician of the department of stomatology of the Eighth Wuhan Hospital, was communicating with our employees at our exhibition stand.
8. Wang Xiaorong, the associate chief physician of orthodontic division of Xi'an Jiaotong University, was visiting our exhibition stand for discussing cooperation matters.
9. The deputy director Lin Dianyue, also the deputy secretary of Hainan Medical College Affiliated Stomatology Hospital, paid a visit to our exhibition stand.
10. Huang Yue, the director of Luzhou Medical College Affiliated Stomatological Hospital, as well as experts was on a visit to our exhibition stand.
11. Li Huixing, the specialist of tooth orthodontic department of Hong Kong Dental Medical School, was taking a photo with our employees.
12. Yang Yi, the head of Changchun Bethune Oral Hospital, was discussing cooperation matters with our employees.
13. Mu Jingquan, the director of Oral Orthodontic Center of the Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, was communicating with our employees.
14. Xie Qi, the deputy director of the Department of Stomatology of Hainan Provincial People's Hospital, was on a visit to our exhibition stand.
15. Doctors from well-known hospitals across the country were expressing their interests in our products.

16. Orthodontists from Hong Kong were visiting our exhibition stand to know the application situations of our eBrace products.
17. Korean Customer was visiting our exhibition stand.
18. Taiwanese orthodontic doctor was on a visit to our stand.

19. eBrace employees were introducing our products to doctors and scholars who were visiting our stand.
20. Our Exhibition Team

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