16th eBrace Lingual Invisible Orthodontic Seminar Successfully Held in Hangzhou

On the November 23rd and 24th, 2012, the 16th eBrace lingual invisible orthodontic seminar, also the 16th training class of eBrace customized lingual orthodontic technology, was held in Hangzhou jointly by the Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital as well as the Riton Biomaterial.

Prof. Lin Jiuxiang, the former vice president of Peking University, served as the chairman of the seminar and gave a lecture about the contemporary appliance as well as the development of corresponding technologies. Liang Wei, the doctor of the Peking University School of Stomatology, as well as the Prof. Lin Xinping, the executive vice president of the Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital, gave relevant lessons to trainees.

This seminar gained great support from the leaders of Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital. More than 60 orthodontists attended the training. They were from various domestic hospitals plus high-end clinics.

The main content of the training class was to introduce the basic theories and clinical operations of customized lingual appliances. The key point was the theoretical teaching and clinical operation training of eBrace customized lingual appliances as well as corresponding technical systems. Furthermore, for these lingual appliances, we have gained proprietary intellectual property rights.

The eBrace customized lingual appliance is mainly composed of the individualized lingual bracket as well as personalized arch wire. It is made in full conformity with the actual conditions of the patients. The bracket is closely bonded to the inside surface of the teeth, so it is invisible and the discomfort can be minimized. Additionally, the premade individualized arch wire as well as transfer tray simplifies the clinical operations. In this way, the desirable high quality orthodontic results can be achieved.

In addition to the features of its foreign counterparts, the eBrace customized lingual appliance has distinct advantages in terms of production efficiency of bracket, treatment of bracket's mesh pad, the manufacturing time of the whole set of appliance, the re-production of bracket falling off from the single tooth, consultation service during treatment, processing costs as well as other aspects.

After being strictly trained, the trainees were basically able to clinically apply the eBrace customized lingual appliance on their own. As far as the indication was concerned, they could not only deal with the non-extraction orthodontic treatment but also the extraction cases, as the clinical experience was gradually accumulated.

The director Luo Ying was delivering an address.
Prof. Lin Jiuxiang was explaining the progress and clinical applications of contemporary appliances.
Prof. Lin Xinping was awarding the Prof. Lin Jiuxiang the Certificate of Appreciation.
Prof. Lin Xinping was giving a lesson.
Dr. Liang Wei was giving a lecture.
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