eBrace Attended 112th AAO Exhibition

The 112th AAO exhibition hosted by the American Association of Orthodontists was came off during May fourth to eighth, 2012 in Hawaii Conference Center, Honolulu. Approximately 5, 000 oral orthodontic doctors from all parts of the world attended the exhibition. As an international conference in the world dental orthodontic field, the AAO exhibition attracted orthodontic doctors as well as dentistry related enterprises. Participants discussed the latest technical development and theoretical research in the orthodontic field, as well as showed their products.

As an attendant in this exhibition with the booth number being 2050, the Riton Biomaterial recommended the eBrace customized lingual orthodontic system which was independently developed by our employees to oral orthodontic doctors from various parts of the world.

On the exhibition, the eBrace customized lingual orthodontic system attracted hundreds of oral orthodontic doctors from 33 countries, such as America, France, Brazil, India, etc. These people had a clear knowledge of characteristic of eBrace products as well as clinical applications. They also represented their cooperation intention. Meanwhile, we received agents from various countries including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and so on. The agents had a detailed knowledge of our products, expressed their agent intention, and discussed corresponding cooperation matters on the scene.

The Hawaii Conference Center is equipped with high-tech facilities integrated with the unique Hawaiian scene and culture. This AAO exhibition made us have a much broader understanding of the world orthodontic industry and supplied us valuable information to expand overseas markets for eBrace customized lingual orthodontic system.

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