eBrace Attended 100th World Dental Congress

During August 28th and September 1st, 2012, the 100th world dental congress was conducted in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Thousands of dentists all around the world took part in it. Our company attended the exhibition held during the congress with the booth number being H09, showing eBrace customized lingual orthodontic bracket system.

During the exhibition, we received many international and domestic orthodontic doctors and agents who showed their great interest in our eBrace customized lingual orthodontic products and expressed their intention to cooperate with our company. Foreign customers were mainly from Australia, Singapore, France, Poland, New Zealand, etc.

The annual FDI congress was an international event in the dental field. It not only academically stood for the latest development level and development direction of the world dental area but also was a golden opportunity for world dentists to communicate with one another. Meanwhile, this congress supplied an extremely valuable platform for our company to promote our eBrace customized lingual orthodontic system.

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