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    1. eBrace Customized Lingual Bracket System (eBrace III)

      The slot has a key role to play in tooth movement. It is where the archwire passes through. Because patients’ teeth are not straight, they need to be turned and tilted to align with each other. The slot determines tip and torque. As the wire completely fills the slot over time, the tooth is moved to the straight position. The eBrace III double slot design allows better control of tip and torque, thereby improving tooth treatment efficiency.

    1. eBrace Visual Customized Lingual Bracket System

      Smoother small bracket body makes patients more comfortable.eBrace Visual brace is placed on the inside surface of your teeth. Therefore, teeth will be aligned secretly.

    1. eLock Customized Self-Ligating Lingual Bracket System (eLock II)

      The mesh pad is at the base of the bracket. Both the mesh pad and the bracket body can be customized using CAD and CAM technology so that they stick closely to every tooth..
      Bracket body and mesh pad are molded in one piece instead of welding.


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