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Based on the 1st generation eLock dental brace, eLock II has made many improvements in terms of design and construction. Below, we’ve listed the advantages of eLock II lingual bracket.

1. Customized CAD Design
The mesh pad is at the base of the bracket. Both the mesh pad and the bracket body can be customized using CAD and CAM technology so that they stick closely to every tooth.

2. Smaller Bracket
Bracket body and mesh pad are molded in one piece instead of welding.

3. Easy Operation
Newly designed clips are easily opened in the same direction on the front teeth as on the back teeth. Orthodontists can easily close with probe or one finger.

4. Better Performance
The lingual bracket system comes with the passive self-ligating ability, less friction force coupled with better control of the three-dimensional movement of teeth.

5. More Flexibility
Upper wing and hook are designed to offer positions for the elastic ring and other accessories to attach.

6. User-Friendly Design
Clips within the bracket hold the archwire tightly in place. They are used to replace traditional elastic ligature (also called elastic tie) which is essentially rubber band typically available in various colors. From there, the dental brace gets its name: self-ligating bracket. Metal clips are more rugged than rubber bands of course, unlikely to break. The base (mesh pad) of the brackets is small and smooth without causing any irritation to the tooth.

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