eBrace Attended Dental South China International Exhibition

The 15th south China International Dental Exhibition was held on March 29th to April 1st, 2010, in Guangzhou. This exhibition aroused great interests of oral orthodontic experts from China, America, European countries, Japan, Korea as well as other countries.

Riton Biomaterial took part in this exhibition and our booth number was H10 in 15.2 pavilion. We intended to market the eBrace lingual bracket system. Our company reached cooperation intentions with many hospitals and stomatology clinics. Meanwhile, a few counterpart manufacturers from multiple regions were willing to push the development of lingual orthodontics together with our company.

The customized lingual bracket system does not have such disadvantages that are common to conventional lingual appliances, and meanwhile takes advantage of computerized technology. It has the ability to guarantee both excellent functions and good image while not influencing the daily life of patients. Additionally, this product is characterized by comfort, high efficiency, fast speed, simple and convenient clinical operation, excellent orthodontic quality as well as satisfying correction effects.

1. Lin Jiuxiang, the professor of Peking University School of Stomatology, and Huang Weihong, the eBrace general engineer, were discussing the development of lingual orthodontics.
2. Xu Baohua, the professor of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, was visiting eBrace exhibition stand.
3. Lin Wei, the president of Macau Association of Orthodontics, was taking a photo with eBrace employees.
4. Zhu Shengji, the doctor of Hong Kong University, was visiting our exhibition stand.
5. Kong Weidong, the associate professor of Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, and Yang Yongqiang, the professor of South China University of Technology, as well as other experts were taking a photo at our exhibition stand.
6. Lan Zedong, the director of Oral Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, and Lin Dianyue, the director of Hainan Medical College, were visiting our stand during exhibition.

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